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Here are all the info i can get on these characterz!



Goku is the strongest character in the Dragonball Series. He is the first of the group to become a Super Saiyan and is the only one to reach Super Saiyan 3 level. He is the father of Gohan, Goten,and is husband to Chi-Chi. His best friend is Krillen and brother is Raditz. He is normally the good, kind-hearted one of the group. He is a natural fighter and great at it, but doesn't have too much upstairs. He was trained under several masters, but probably his best master was that of King Kai. He turns into ssj 4 and defeats all evil that ever challenges him.

- Gohan is the son of Goku. He is the second strongest fighter in the series. He was trained under the Namek Piccolo and is brother to Goten. He is much like his father, except a lot smarter. He was, while young, a book worm. His mother did not want him to be a fighter, instead some kind of mathematician or famous author or something. But he ended up showing his true power in the movie series of "Deadzone." He also showed his power in the battles with Raditz and Freeza. He, as a young child, was a real wuss and backed down from fights or got scared, but as he got older he had the attitude that he could kick everyone's' "...ass" and it paid off. He marries Videl and has a daughter named pan.

-Goten is the second son of Goku and brother to Gohan. He is one half Saiyan and one half human. He turns Super Saiyan at a very young age and grew up with Trunks (son of Vegeta). He showed his true power at the age of seven when he changed Super Saiyan. He is much like Goku in the way he looks (if you saw the original Dragonball) and he wears a similar version of his Gi. He is most of the time a very happy and cheery child but when he doesn't get what he wants he gets really mad and throws tantrums until he gets what he wants.

-Vegeta is the prince of the Planet named after him. He is one of the strongest characters in the entire Dragonball Series. He shows up in the Dragonball Z series and is one of the most ruthless and violent characters in the entire series. But after the fight with Freeza he realizes that he doesn't need to be evil and his take on life totally changes more or less after that. But he doesn't truly become good until he gets turned into Majin Vegeta at the hands of Buu, and finally realizes that good will always overcome evil. He ends up marrying, of all people, Bulma and the two end up having a two kids, Trunks, and Bra.

-Trunks is son to Vegeta and Bulma and is friend to Goten. He, although he doesn't mean to, has a problem with getting him and Goten into trouble. He is very powerful and reaches the status of Super Saiyan at age eight. Although he is the same person, there are two characters in the story with the name of "Trunks." There is Future Trunks who comes from a different Universe 20 years ahead of our time to warn the fighters about the coming of the androids. And then there is Chibi Trunks, who is Vegetas son (both are but Vegeta and Bulma never know about Future Trunks). He is the one that turns Super Saiyan at age eight and hangs around with Goten all the time. Even though he has not shown up in American dubbed DBZ yet, he is already one of the most popular characters in the series.

-Piccolo, at first, was one of the enemies of the Dragonball world. But after the fight with Raditz, he began his change from evil to good. While Goku was training under King Kai in another dimension, Piccolo took Gohan and trained him. The opposite of Kami (a Good vs. Evil type thing, Piccolo- Evil) he is a character that if killed both the Dragonballs and Kami leave earth as well. He is also the recipient of the first fusion seen in the show. During the battle with Frieza, he and a battered and beaten Namek named Nail fuse together to become a newer, stronger and kinder version of the former Piccolo. He ends up sacrificing his body to protect Goku, who later in that show becomes a Super Saiyan at the death of Krillen.

-Krillen is one of the weakest fighters in the show. He has been around since the original Dragonball, hanging around with Goku when they were kids and being bald since then too. He gets killed once in the original Dragonball and once against Frieza, but somehow the Nameks find a loophole in the system and wish him back. His death at the hands of Frieza caused Goku to get so enraged that he became a Super Saiyan for the first time. He later marries an android (#18) and looses the six dots on his head plus grows hair?!?


-Frieza is one of the most powerful enemies in the Dragonball series. He is first seen on Namek, after the fight with Vegeta on earth. He and his Ginyu Force, at the time, are the strongest fighters in the universe. He is ruthless and has no problem killing anything that passes in his way. He is responsible for killing of most of the Nameks and for killing Krillen, enraging Goku to the point of turning Super Saiyan for the first time. Goku later defeats Frieza but Frieza ends up coming back later in the series as, from what I have been told, an Android and dies at the hands of trunks. This ruthless villain is one of the most popular villains in the series.

-The Ginyu Force is Friezas' special force. They are made up of five members: Capt. Ginyu, Burter, Jeice, Recoome and Goldo. The five is a very strong group and give Gohan, Krillen and Vegeta hell on Namek after Frieza called for them. Each one has a special ability and is specially trained to have no mercy or feel no pity. Here they are in order of strongest: Capt. Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome and Goldo. All of them are killed on Namek except Capt. Ginyu, who gets turned into a frog. These fighters, at their time, are one of the most feared fighters, even more feared than a Saiyan, but Goku ends up defeating them (and Vegeta killing them off of course ^_^), but gets his body stolen by Capt. Ginyu in the process.

-Buu is a character with over 400 years of age on his shoulder. He is a demon created by a dark and evil mage named Bibidi. He is very powerful and has the ability to change forms from the one you see to the left into a large pink monster who's only goal is to destroy and kill everything. A long while before his arrival on earth, Buu is confronted by the five overgods of the universe who try to kill him off. They partially succeed, but three die and one uses the Potara Fusion earrings to fuse with him and form Buubuu. After 300 years of absence, Buu finally returns to destroy earth and the Dragonball fighters as well.

-Cell is one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragonball series, more powerful than even Goku. He is the creation of Dr. Gero's and was created from the DNA of the universes' best fighters.After Dr Gero's death, his computer remained working on Cell until he was finally complete. He can become Perfect Cell by absorbing the androids 17 and 18, where he reaches his full power. Cell was built to kill and fight. He loves to fight, but only worthy opponents. He has the ability to do the same move as Goku, the Kame Hame Ha technique that Master Roshi had taught him when he was younger. The biggest advantage Cell ever possesed was by Piccolo. Without Piccolo's regenerative cells, Cell would be nothing.

-Brolli is the original Super Saiyan. He is one of the most powerful enemies in the entire series. When he was a child he was traumatized by his bed mate, Goku, and when older seeks to destroy him. His supreme power alloys him to survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta and save his father. His father is the one who later sends Brolli on his quest to destroy the universe and Goku as well. Brolli makes three appearances in the Dragonball series, the second where he is finally killed but in his third appearance he is cloned and changed (or transformed) into a large green blob. He is also one of the most popular of the villains and his hatred for life makes him strive to destroy everything.

-Raditz is the brother of Goku and the weakest of the Saiyans that remain after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He was sent to earth at the beginning of the Dragonball Z series to check up on his brother, Goku, who had been sent there as a child to destroy its living organisms so it could be sold. When he finds out that Goku has not done his assigned job, and that he has no recollection of Planet Vegeta and has gotten his tail removed he gets mad, abducting Gohan and challenging both Goku and Piccolo in a fight. He is later defeated by the two, Goku is killed though when he gives up his own life to let Piccolo use his "Beam Cannon" to blow a hole through the weakened Raditz. Raditz is the one who gets the information (through his scouters' communication system) about the dragonballs to Vegeta and Nappa.

-Nappa is Vegetas' sidekick and a sayian. He is very powerful (at the time at least) and is able to take down most of the Z fighters with no problem. He is a very tall and strong Saiyan, but he lacks what is needed upstairs and usually causes more trouble with his stupidity more than anything else. He is later challenged by Goku, who easily defeats him (to the point where he can not fight anymore) and is later killed by his own partner Vegeta. He is a very cocky attitude and thinks he is better than any fighter, but has a secret fear of Vegeta. He later returns and challenges Vegeta. Vegeta, now a changed Saiyan, warns him to leave him be or Nappa will be destroyed, but Nappa refuses to believe this and thinks he is stronger. Vegeta then kills him once more.


-Chi-Chi is the wife of Goku and mother of Gohan and Goten. She is one of the most annoying characters, to me at least, in the whole series. All she ever does is nag about her husband and her little babies. But she has some ability in fighting not much though. She is always doing drastic things to get back to Goku and Gohan in the first couple seasons of the show like trying to fly a space ship to Namek on her own. She lacks, like Goku, what is needed upstairs most of the time. She has a strong will to have Gohan become something other than a fighter more like a math nerd or something like that.

-Bulma, the annoying one who never stops complaining. For the most part she is more of a pain in the @$$ than anything else, but her technology skills come in handy a lot. She is a very paranoid person when she is alone and tends to yell at anyone and anything. She gets married to Vegeta and is the mother of Trunks. For the most part that is the only thing she did that was any good for the show.

-Master Roshi is the trainer of Goku when he was young. He is a great old fighter who was granted immortality. He is, sometimes, a very horny old man, but he knows a lot about the art of fighting. He is the one who taught both Goku and Krillen and is the master of the Kame Hame Ha technique. He is very strong for an old man and is well liked by the Dragonball gang.

-Kami is the opposite of Piccolo, the good side. He is the guardian of earth, he will give his life for it's inhabitants. He is very old, he looks it too. Even though he and Piccolo are supposedly like twins, Kami is the older looking one. They are mortal enemies for most of the series, but they end up fusing to become a full version of Piccolo called, the spelling might be off here, Kamicollo. This Namek is strong and can really fight Kamicollo that is.

-Bubbles is the ape that lives with King Kai on the little planet, to me he is the strongest warrior in the universe, but he doesnt want to give away his identity because King Kai would get jealous and charge bubbles for rent.

-King Kai is the martial arts teacher that lives with Bubbles on the small little planet on the end of snake's way. He is powerful, but did not learn the techniques he created!! He teaches Goku before the Sayain Saga, and Picolo, Yamcha, Tien, and puppet guy before the Freeza Saga.